The R.C. Torre commitment to quality shows in our people and our approach. We believe a partnership based upon trust between client and builder assures success and satisfaction on every project.

We maintain a large staff of innovative, enthusiastic craftsmen, all of whom are invested in the smallest details of each and every job we undertake. Our experience over the past twenty-five years has proven that when a group of professionals all share the same vision, the end result is the highest-quality workmanship possible. This unique, coordinated approach is the hallmark of an R.C. Torre project, the legacy we share with our clients.

Our experienced foremen take the time to get to know each client, their wishes and preferences. They coordinate our carpenters, masons, plumbers and electricians, ensuring that job specifications are maintained, always remaining true to the original vision. We own all of our own excavation equipment, and employ operators on a full-time basis.

We are dedicated to green, environmentally-conscious construction, always mindful that the homes we build must provide the healthiest, best environments possible for families to live and thrive in for years to come. We fully assess each project to determine the best approach, balancing client vision and needs with potential environmental impact.